Three Questions You Need to Answer About the H1N1 Virus For Your Online Business

We continue to be inundated with information about the flu season and the H1N1 swine flu virus. We all ask ourselves the question, should I get the H1N1 flu shot? Is this virus more dangerous than the seasonal flu? Who are the people at risk and even dying from the disease? What is in the inoculation? These are very important questions to ask yourself. You need to provide the answers given here to your customers visiting your business internet money online opportunity web site.
Here are three questions and answers to consider before being vaccinated or panicking about the H1N1 swine flu.

  1. Is the H1N1 swine flu a strong virus and worse than the seasonal flu? No. In the vast majority of cases, both viruses are mild enough where the people are able to recover without hospitalization or medication. Both the seasonal and swine flu produce identical symptoms. This includes a fever exceeding 100 degrees, coughing, runny nose and/or sore throat, joint aches, headaches, vomiting and/or diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. You need to be aware that we all get sick and in this flu season be sure and provide the truth to you customers at your website for your business internet money online opportunity.
  2. Is it true only those people with severely compromised immune systems are dying or are susceptible to serious harm from either the seasonal flu or the swine flu? The answer to this question is obvious. The flu does not kill those in good health, it kills those whose immune systems have lost their ability to protect. Those children who have died from H1N1 are those with a pre-existing disease. It has been shown that Vitamin D is a main protector against the flu and many diseases. Children or people with a Vitamin D deficiency are at risk. The CDC reports that 36,000 people die annually from the flu but this statistic does not tell you that nearly 34,000 of these cases also had pneumonia caused from other complications and actually die from that. Thus the actual figures are that out of hundreds of millions of people only about 1,800 actually die from the flu and we are not sure if they die from the seasonal or H1N1. Again, report the facts on your business internet money online opportunity web site.
  3. Are the ingredients in the swine flu inoculation dangerous? Here is a list of some of the ingredients so you can decide.
  • Squalene – an adjuvant, causes severe immune responses and is linked to auto-immune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and Gulf War Syndrome
  • Thimerosal – mercury, linked to neurological disorders such as autism, the 25mcg within 1 vaccine is 250 times greater than the EPA’s level that is considered safe. We are told not to eat more than 1 serving of fish per week due to mercury yet injecting a large amount into the blood stream is supposedly healthy?
  • Aluminum — a neurotoxin linked to Alzheimer’s disease – Triton X-100 — a detergent – Phenol (carbolic acid) – Ethylene glycol (antifreeze) – Betapropiolactone – a disinfectant – Nonoxynol – used to kill or stop growth of STDs – Octoxinol 9 – a spermicide – Sodium phosphate
    So will you put yourself and family at risk by taking the H1N1 swine flu shot and possibly even get the flu as has been the case in Canada or stay healthy and take precautions to avoid getting it? This is your decision but in either case be sure and tell the facts to your customers at your business internet money online opportunity web site.

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